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Cathy and Julie had forged a strong partnership by year three. Their determination to continue to help students, families and schools was stronger than the obstacles created by the 2020 Pandemic.

Cathy and Julie knew that needs would be even greater as families were under great stress and experiencing difficulties as a result of the pandemic. Families were figuring out how to turn their home into a learning environment because schools were forced to start the 2020-21 School Year with Virtual Learning.

Cathy and Julie consulted with educators and modified the school supply list to include personal white boards. The challenge was to figure out how to host a school supply drive when businesses were closed.

Always up to a challenge, they hosted a Drive-Thru School Supply drop off. Again, the loyal supporters of past drives, including clients, colleagues, friends and family members, came through!

The 2020 3rd Annual School Supply Drive brought in 2100 items. These items were given to students when they came to schools to check out a computer. When PESD schools opened in the spring of 2021, schools used the remaining supplies in classrooms so families would not need to buy additional supplies.