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Reading is key to school success. Students who read and who learn to love to read are more likely to finish school and be a successful learner. HCSS Foundation was excited to help foster the love of reading at 3 schools this year by providing vouchers so students could purchase a book from their school book fair. School staff identified and dispersed the vouchers to students at their school. As students purchased their “free” book, they were excited to take their book home and start reading it! An 8th grade student told the school librarian that this was the first time ever she was able to purchase a new book from the school’s book fair. The emotion in her voice and tears in her eyes showed the importance of being able to select a book from the book fair.
During the school year over 75 students were able to find a new book and purchase it using a voucher provided by HCSS Foundation.
Thank you to our donors for your ongoing and continuous support. It is a privilege to be able to positively affect the lives of students  and only possible because of you!