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Cathy Sitarz, co-founder of HCSS Foundation, was a recipient of the 2023 WeSERV Good Neighbor Award. Cathy believes that every child deserves equal access to the proper tools for school and is committed to making that happen. This belief was the inspiration behind the annual school drives and the establishment of Helping Children Succeed in School Foundation. Through her work with HCSS Foundation, Cathy has made it possible for students in 13 West Valley schools to have access to school supplies. Over 10,000 school supplies have been delivered to schools since 2017. The HCSS Foundation is finalizing the 6th Annual School Supply Drive.

Cathy’s leadership and giving spirit has enabled HCSS Foundation to support 16 schools and 2 resource programs for families. Cathy’s vision of providing on-going support to schools has launched HCSS Foundation into establishing long term partnerships with schools. Her desire to give back to her community is what drives Cathy. Congratulations Cathy!